The EZ TI Request Is Here

The EZ TI Request Is Here

Drumroll please…

As promised, one of our most useful tools yet…The EZ Therapeutic Interchange Request (“EZ TI Request”) is now LIVE! Here is…

    • A quick deep dive on how it works

    • A downloadable example letter that you can customize to communicate to Providers that you have made an investment in serving THEM

    • 3 examples of the form itself

It Begins Like This…

How To Use This Quick & EZ Tool

  • Run a benefits check for the originally prescribed medication(s)
  • The NDCs that come back yellow (pre-auth required) or green (covered) will have an EZ TI Request icon to the right of them
  • Click on the EZ TI Request icon next to the medication that you’d like to substitute the original medication with, to generate an EZ TI Request for these medications
  • Once the icon has been clicked, a popup window will appear
  • Select “Additional” or “Original” indicating that the medication(s) will be suggested as a replacement, or as an additional medication to the original prescribed
  • Specify the original medication, quantity and number of refills by typing them in the designated fields
  • Click the “ADD TO LIST” button to submit it and continue with the form
  • Or you can add as many suggested substitute/additional medications as needed, by continuing to click "ADD TO LIST"

To Edit Medication(s)

  • After adding medication(s) to the list, a “TI REQUEST” button will appear at the top-right corner of your screen with a red badge indicating the number of medications currently on the list
  • Click this button to edit any of the medications on the list
  • To remove medication(s), select the NDC(s) and click the trash bin icon
  • You can also replace one medication with more than one other medication

Complete the EZ TI Request:

  • Once the desired items are all on the list, you will be able to complete the form and review it before submitting, by clicking the “FAX REVIEW” button.
  • You will then be able to input the following additional information, which will be printed on the EZ TI Request:
  • Pharmacy’s Fax Number
  • Pharmacy’s Phone number
  • Date Written
  • Adherence Notes
  • Advocacy Notes
  • Provider’s Fax Number (once this is entered once, it will auto-populate on any subsequent forms for this Provider)

Submitting the EZ TI Request

Once you are confident that all of the information entered is correct, click “SEND” to submit and the EZ TI Request will be sent via fax to the Provider for review and signature. EZ breezy.

Need An Example To Let Providers Know About Your New Tool?

We have made that EZ too. Click the image below for a downloadable file that you can edit and send to Providers to let them know that you are investing in serving them. There is an editable Word doc., as well as a more generic PDF that you can send without personalizing.

Or click here for our downloadable files.

We have some more new tricks up our sleeve that we will be announcing soon. So stay tuned!

And thank you for providing the motivation for us to show up every day and pour our hearts and souls into making this platform better and better. We appreciate you! ?

~Team EZ

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