Success Stories



"Our organization was looking for a new technology platform to improve prescribing outcomes. We came across EZSCRIPTRx and immediately saw value in their platform. It offered us an easy-to-use platform that would integrate quickly to our Salesforce CRM. The real-time access provides us with the accuracy our clients’ demand.…"


LoboRx Pharmacy

"With EZSCRIPTRx more of our patients get their meds, with less wait times and at a lower out of pocket expense."


Amber Jar Pharmacy

"Since we started using EZSCRIPTRx, we’ve been able to identify more profitable NDCs for our pharmacy, while saving patients money on their co-pays."


Premier Pharmacy

"It’s so helpful to be able to identify NDCs that are more profitable for our pharmacy within the same prescribed drug."


Dexter Pharmacy

"This is by far the best pharmacy tool to come around in years."


Ennis Specialty Pharmacy

"Since we started using EZSCRIPTRx, we’ve been able to quickly identify covered drugs with lower copay options for our patients."

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