Independent Pharmacy

The Independent Pharmacy generally struggles with providing great patient care and staying profitable. EZSCRIPTRx's powerful tools improve workflow, lower administrative burden, and display a range of options with coverage details and lower copays, dramatically improving medication adherence.

In-Office Dispense

EZSCRIPTRx can empower Healthcare Providers with access to medication at the point-of-care by putting the control of pharmacy in your hands and providing patients easy access to necessary medication with our IOD Rx partnership.

Manufacturers & Wholesalers

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EZSCRIPTRx helps Telehealth organizations streamline the Patient and Healthcare Provider interaction. EZSCRIPTRx gives the HCP coverage details specific to NDC, formulary, GPI, or therapeutic category. HCP’s can choose from the lowest copay and NDCs that benefit the Patient.

Healthcare Technology

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Pharmacy Management & EHR

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