Pull Your Pharmacy Out Of Autopilot

Pull Your Pharmacy Out Of Autopilot

It’s hard to feel that you are at the mercy of others…Insurance Companies, PBMs, Providers…oh and, let’s not forget Patients. Trying to please them all…even when their agendas are conflicting.

There you sit…right in the middle. Juggling the needs and wants of many.

But what about the needs of your Pharmacy?

If you aren’t doing what’s best for your Pharmacy, you won’t be around long enough to serve the long-term needs of Providers and Patients.

Operating a financially healthy (and dare we say robust) Pharmacy is the only way to ensure that you’ll be there to provide the valuable goods and services people need.

We've Built Our Entire Company

Around Putting Pharmacies in the Driver's Seat

So How Can You Put Yourself Into The Driver's Seat?

One word: knowledge.

Knowledge of all options and variables in a given situation, provides you with the tools to make informed and intelligent choices.

In the case of a Pharmacy…this is the ability to see the entire coverage dashboard at once before filling every script. The cascade effect of those daily intelligent decisions benefit Patients, Providers...and your Pharmacy.

Simple logic, right?

So, imagine for a moment your current workflow, and how scripts that come in are handled. Now imagine that same scene, but this time you are able to see ALL aspects of the coverage landscape, before you even begin...with NO test billing. Things like:

  • The exact coverage details for this Patient, for this particular medication
  • The Patient's copay amount
  • If there is a refill-too-soon warning
  • If a Pre-Authorization is required
  • Other undiscovered policies the Patient is covered under
  • If this medication is on the Aberrant List (CVS/Caremark)
  • Adjunct therapies the Provider didn't include with the prescription
  • Better medication options for this Patient (higher coverage, lower copays, alternative and/or adjunct therapies to improve overall outcome)
  • Coverage details of equivalent formulary options that make more sense for the Pharmacy (lower wholesale costs, higher remits, better drug availability, shorter delivery windows, etc.)

Having these simple, yet crucial coverage details at your fingertips allows you to make intelligent choices, script after script. Choices that not only benefit you, but also build solid, lasting relationships with Providers and Patients.

Everyone wins.

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