Problem Meds Don't Have To Be YOUR Problem

Problem Meds Don't Have To Be YOUR Problem

How Often Do You Deal With “Problem Meds”?

Situation: You notice several scripts coming in for a similar class of meds with high copays, that many of your Patients simply can’t afford.

Often, they are abandoned and some don’t even make it that far because they are rejected altogether, or require a Pre-Auth…which is burning up your staff time.

AND, to make matters worse, their remits are so low that they cost you money to fill.

These Are What We'd Call "Problem Meds"

EZ Solution:

  1. Identify the problem NDC(s)
  2. Create a list of the Patients that are on them
  3. Using EZ Categories, identify more desirable NDC(s)
  4. Upload the list of Patients using the Bulk Upload Tool, and run a check on them for the more desirable NDC(s)
  5. Most often the medications are so close they won’t need a Therapeutic Interchange form, but should they need one, you can create one without even leaving your search screen using the EZ TI Request Tool

Result: You are ensuring that Patients are getting the best medication options, with the lowest available copays; increasing medication adherence; and impressing Providers with the valuable support that you are able to deliver script after script...all while preserving the financial health of your Pharmacy.

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