Pharmacies Need a Smarter Pricing System Now

Customer paying bill by credit card. Woman purchasing medication in pharmacy

Pharmacies Need a Smarter Pricing System Now

From digital prescriptions and mobile solutions, the right tech can transform the entire pharmacy experience. And while each solution offers a lineup of benefits, drug pricing driven by artificial intelligence (AI) should be at the top of every pharmacist’s priority list.

The HDHP trend has cost-conscious customers searching for new ways to save on their medications. Many pay out of pocket for their medications and even 61% of insured individuals have paid out of pocket despite having insurance.

AI-optimized pricing can have an immediate impact on your bottom line by applying analysis and intelligence to drug pricing. With AI-optimized pricing, pharmacies can utilize cutting-edge technology to boost profitability while continuing to do what they do best: taking care of their patients.

Technology in the pharmacy is here to stay. Use your customers’ comfort with technology to attract and serve the people walking through your pharmacy doors. The EZSCRIPTRx solution provides pharmacies the tools to offer safe alternative medication recommendations to patients that also address their cost concerns.  By spotlighting high performing NDCs, we create opportunities for you to focus on filling affordable prescriptions quickly, improving patient care, medication adherence and customer retention.

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