NEW FEATURES ROADMAP Exciting New Releases Just Around The Corner

NEW FEATURES ROADMAP Exciting New Releases Just Around The Corner

New Features & Benefits To Look For In The Upcoming Weeks:

Bulk Patient NDC Checks

Due to an overwhelming number of requests, Pharmacies will have the ability to run a PMS report on a specific patient population. They'll then be able to upload that report into EZSCRIPTRx to run a specific NDC code against the patient report. This will identify which patients are covered for that specific NDC. With this feature, Pharmacists can use the data to increase profitability, without increasing script volume.

NDC Optimization Algorithm Improvements

We are continually improving the intelligence of our system to provide you with the best possible covered medication options for your patients. As we feed more and more data into the system we have been able to trim the number of low performing NDCs that we check, which results in your credits going further.

Self-Service Pharmacy Sales Data Upload:

Ability to upload your Pharmacy sales data, so that your past coverage history is combined in real-time when you check for coverage. Plus all Providers and Patients in your PMS will be able to be added for faster pre-loading when checking for eligibility and coverage. This may or may not be self-service for your specific Pharmacy depending on the PMS software you utilize.

We are adding new PMS import formats every week.

You Are An Important Part of Our Team

In order to deliver on our promise to provide the best Pharmacy tool out there and to change the scripting process as we know it, we continually seek our Pharmacy Partners' feedback. We Asked. You Answered. We Acted. Many of the upcoming improvements to our system were based on feedback we have received from those in the trenches. We use this valuable real-world user input to consistently optimize our platform in new and exciting ways.

Monthly Updates

We continue to add powerful new features that increase the value our platform delivers to our Partner Pharmacies, at no additional cost. Each month we will send an updated "Roadmap" describing what's to come next and notify you as features go "live", so that you can take advantage of them immediately.

Until next month, enjoy the platform that we put our heart and soul into...and be sure to stay safe out there.

Your EZSCRIPTRx Development Team

As always, we are always here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out:

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