NDC Alerts Put More Money in Your Pocket

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NDC Alerts Put More Money in Your Pocket

Data tells us that medication alternatives can be the right move for pharmacies and patients alike. By spotlighting high performing NDCs, we create opportunities for you to focus on filling affordable prescriptions quickly, improving patient care and customer retention.

These data-driven NDC Alerts are included as part of your EZSCRIPTRx subscription! They not only make the prescription process easier for pharmacies, but ultimately improve customer satisfaction, experience, and outcomes. 

The information we provide is proprietary and for subscribers only. The typical alert contains the following:

  • Copay Information:  $0 copay for insured patients
  • Coverage Information: Widespread coverage for Work Comp, Commercial, and Employer Sponsored Payors
  • Dosing: Apply to the affected area
  • Packaging: XXX gram bottle
  • AWP: $XXX.XX
  • Details: Non-steroidal anti-itch lotion
  • Manufacturer: "XXXXX Pharmaceuticals"
  • Resources: Request forms, package insert, and product information available at: "pharmaceuticalcompanywebsite"

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to see how we can simplify your prescription process, boost profitability, and provide optimal solutions for your patients.

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