Medication Nonadherence = Hospital Admissions

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Medication Nonadherence = Hospital Admissions

Studies show that up to 33% of medication-related hospital admissions are caused by patient nonadherence. But pharmacies are uniquely positioned to make a significant impact in this area. Actively working with patients can address barriers and ensure medication adherence.

Thorough review of prescriptions

Pharmacies should carefully examine the patient's medication regimen, dosage instructions, potential drug interactions, and prescription cost to ensure safety, efficacy and affordability. This process allows them to identify any potential obstacles to adherence in the prescription itself, such as complex dosing regimens or medications with known side effects that deter patients from taking them.

Conducting cost checks

Medication affordability is a common concern for many patients, leading them to cut corners or completely stop taking essential medications. Collaborating with patients and exploring cost-saving alternatives like generic drugs or patient assistance programs can alleviate this barrier to adherence.

Addressing potential barriers to adherence

Patients face challenges such as forgetfulness, difficulty understanding instructions, or concerns about side effects or cost. Open and honest conversations with patients can help pharmacies identify these barriers and offer appropriate solutions. This may involve providing clear and simplified instructions, implementing reminder systems, payment assistance programs, or even recommending adherence aids like pill organizers or smartphone reminder applications.

EZSCRIPTRx is Your Ally in Adherence

Pharmacists play a vital role in addressing medication adherence and can significantly impact patient outcomes. The EZSCRIPTRx platform empowers pharmacists and their patients to take control of their medicines, their costs, and foster a culture that overcomes medication nonadherence.

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