Key Services Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Provide

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Key Services Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Provide

Are You Helping Patients Take Advantage?

As the world continues adapting to a post-pandemic reality, patients have become increasingly comfortable with digital healthcare options. Patients now expect their healthcare experience to be just as convenient and easy as using their favorite consumer tech. 

We believe that pharmacists play an essential role in ensuring that patients are aware of the manufacturer services available to them. Here are three services that your patients may not know about but should take advantage of:

1. Financial support for expensive medications

Many patients face financial barriers that prevent them from accessing necessary treatment. Pharmaceutical manufacturers offer support programs to help patients afford their medications, such as copay assistance or patient assistance programs. 

2. Access to transportation services

Lack of transportation can be a significant barrier to accessing healthcare for some patients. Pharmaceutical manufacturers may offer transportation services to help patients get to appointments or pick up their medications. 

3. 24/7 access to personal support

Patients may have questions about their medications or treatment plans outside of traditional office hours. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can provide 24/7 access to personal support, including nurses or counselors, to help patients with any issues or concerns that may arise. 

By making use of these pharmaceutical manufacturer support services, your patients can receive the care and support they need in ways that are convenient for them. We encourage you to speak to your patients about these services so that they can receive the best possible care.  

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