Going For Gold

Going For Gold

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Best In Class EZ Categories

You may have noticed that EZ Categories (formerly named Rx Categories) have a new look. Well beauty runs deep, because they now deliver so much more!

EZ Categories now contain lists of the highest-performing NDCs, broken out by specialty, to streamline your search, save you credits, and help you choose the best possible NDCs with each fill.

Better Results, Using Fewer Credits

    1. Revamped NDC lists within EZ Categories with the highest-performing NDCs
    1. Added subcategories (coming soon) for flexibility and improved efficiency
    1. Our clinical team has created predesignated groups of formularies as guides to the appropriate NDCs, making them EZ'er to use at all skill levels
    1. Reduced use of credits by lowering the need to run as many NDC checks

New EZ Categories

Currently, there are 5 EZ Categories (Dermatology, General, OBGYN, Pain/Surgical, and Podiatry) and additional categories by specialty will be added. All categories of NDCs will be continually updated, so that you always see the best options based on real-world data.

New Custom Categories/Bundles

Your current Custom Categories/Bundles will show at the top as always, and you can access them by clicking the "My Custom" button. We grouped the system categories by specialty. However, in your Custom Categories, you can choose to group them however works best for you. For instance, you could group them by specialty, payor, therapy, or any other classification that best fits your Pharmacy's workflow.

The 3 Tier System - Coming Soon

We designed a 3 Tier System in Custom Categories to give you enhanced flexibility to customize the interface to your Pharmacy’s needs. Soon, you will be able to create subcategories under your Custom Categories, for quicker, more drilled-down searches. These will be rolled out within the next couple of weeks, and we will let you know when to look for them.

Let The Data Speak For Itself

Make sure you take advantage of this humble, yet powerful tool you have at your fingertips to inform your fill choices.

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