FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the cost associated with an active subscription, we are unable to provide free trial subscriptions.

A pharmacy must provide and sign a BAA to authorize the use of EZSCRIPTRx within their pharmacy location(s).

Most pharmacies use EZSCRIPTRx in three ways: 1) Finding a low cost, covered medication option for patients as the scripts are received. 2) Finding low cost , covered medications for patients that had prescriptions that went unfilled due to lack of affordable options 3) Finding Lower cost, covered medications that are due to be refilled (how do we discuss profitability)

Because of the vastly different types of customers and pharmacies we work with, we ask that you reach out to one of our sales agents to discuss potential ROI based on your specific pharmacy volume and filling tendancies.

Subscriptions can be upgraded at any time. The new subscription will go into effect upon the expiration of the current billing cycle.

Depending on when the request is received, we take pride in reaching out same day or within 24 hours at the latest.

Customer support can be reached at support@ezscriptrx.com and we urge our users to submit help tickets using the question mark located within their EZSCRIPTRx portal.

The enrollment process consists of registering online and completing a launch call.

After registering, scheduling, and completing your launch call, your account will be live for you to use, usually in no more than three days.

EZSCRIPTRx transaction are live communications with the payors so they can see them and are aware they are being conducted. They will see the transactions with a unique transaction number.

All subscriptions can run both E1 transactions and benefit check transactions.

Higher level subscription plans do allow for multiple pharmacies to be enrolled under the same subscription.

Due to costs associated with obtaining credits from the exchange, credits do not roll over from month to month.

All subscriptions require a BAA for each enrolled pharmacy signed by a legal pharmacy contact and a Master Services Agreement signed by the billing contact.

There are only cancellation fees for annual subscriptions.

Our month to month plans allow for cancellation of your subscription with 7 days of the end of your current subscription's billing cycle. (do we want to change cancellation policy)

EZSCRIPTRx currently has over 175 pharmacies enrolled on our platform.

If contacted by a payor regarding an EZSCRIPTRx transaction, simply explain to them that this is a benefit check.

With over three years and millions of transactions processed, EZSCRIPTRx has never been the cause of and audit or loss of payer contract.

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