Check Out These HiP Meds…

Check Out These HiP Meds…

What is a “HiP” Med?

HiP is the nickname we gave the NDCs within our EZ Categories (short for “High-Performance”). Even though the name is a little tongue in cheek, we don’t take this HiP rating lightly. Oh no. Quite the contrary.

There is an incredible level of thought, data, and analytics behind every single HiP NDC contained in these lists at any given moment.

Not Just a Pretty Face EZ Categories aren't just groupings of meds. They are highly optimized, best-in-class NDCs, curated using aggregate data, multiple metrics, and real-world results. Consider them the “hippest" in a sea of "not-so-hip” NDCs. Our end game: Improving your fills.

How Do We Determine What’s HiP and What's Not?

As data continually flows in from many sources, including independent pharmacies like yours all across the country, the list of NDCs is expanded or reduced based on the HIGHEST performing NDCs (most profitable, most covered, most affordable for Patients, most filled).

Let The Data Speak For Itself

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Even if you are pretty confident that your EZ Custom Categories lists contain the best (and most often used) NDCs in a given category, you know how the saying goes… "You don't know what you don't know.”

  • Maybe a new drug has just come on the market
  • Perhaps there is one that has changed in its adjudication
  • Maybe one that was once great, has fallen out of coverage favor with insurers/PBMs
  • Perhaps a change in the cost of goods or availability for that drug has made it less (or more) desirable

There are a host of reasons for changes in an NDC's HiP status and they are constantly evolving. That is why our team has designed and built a done-for-you list of HiP NDCs that can keep your EZ Custom Categories optimized as your Pharmacy's needs evolve and change.

Your Custom Go-To NDC List Should Be Dynamic & HiP With Little To No Effort On Your Part

Make sure you take advantage of this humble, yet powerful tool you have at your fingertips to inform your fill choices.

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