Part 1: Are You Leveraging Your 15 Minutes?

Part 1: Are You Leveraging Your 15 Minutes?

A Time To Shine

As the world navigates a global pandemic, finding things that can be considered “glass half full” can be challenging. However, if you look hard enough, you can usually find a ray of sunshine in most any storm.
That ray of sunshine for Pharmacies has been the spotlight placed on the crucial role Pharmacies play in our public health, and the awareness this has created.

Superheroes in White Coats

According to polling data, pharmacies have been among the most trusted part of healthcare for decades. Yet, they have often been taken for granted...quietly working in the background to save lives and bolster the health of entire communities, and with little fanfare.

Yet, as the words "essential workers" became part of the public lexicon, Pharmacies have stepped up. In many cases, the only healthcare people have had access to, Pharmacies took center stage, innovating quickly to mitigate interruptions to patient care.

In fact, Pharmacies have bridged the gap so well, that medication usage in the US has remained relatively steady throughout the pandemic.

It's as if Pharmacies have been holding the country's healthcare together with duct tape (and plexiglass) and done so quite successfully—a truly remarkable feat.

And guess what...the public noticed.

Ride The Wave

With all of this unsolicited attention comes immense opportunity.

This means that NOW is a Pharmacy's time to shine. To get the word out. To take their rightful place in the public's opinion of who "has their back" when it comes to their healthcare. Who is "essential" to their very health and well-being. The port in a storm they can turn to in a crisis.

Because we've all lived through an actual crisis, and guess who was there for us…our local Pharmacy.

All of that said, consumers are fickle, and there are a lot of shiny objects out there. So Pharmacies should seize the moment. Pull the public in while you have this 15 minutes of their attention…and build upon it.

Get your voice out there.

Position your Pharmacy for success.

Build upon this momentum that you didn't ask for.

Make lemonade from these Covid lemons...?

Our next few posts will illustrate some concrete strategies to do precisely that, from a marketing our series called "A Time To Shine." Click here for Part 2.

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